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ART@Hilton is a series of art exhibitions at the Hilton Molino Stucky Venice and curated by Giudecca 795 Art Gallery, which presents projects and emerging artists of great interest and whose work has a special connection to Venice. The programme includes six exhibitions taking place during the year, timed to invite the guests arriving at the Hilton Molino Stucky to a "full immersion" in the atmosphere of today’s Venice, also in proximity to great events such as Carnival, the Art Biennale and the Venice Film Festival.
ART@Hilton, at the Molino Stucky Hilton Venice
UPCOMING: Giuseppe Cozzi, "Oltre i Riflessi - Beyond Reflections"
- Opening reception cocktail at Giudecca 795, 1st August 2015 at 6.30pm. Until 25 September 2015.
An intimate, eternal and even primordial Venice, in the beautiful photographs and in the eyes of those who found the will and the courage to get up at dawn, and wake up to the morning light in the silence of the almost deserted city, overwhelmed by the colors of the sky and the lagoon. Cozzi'a camera captures the gestures of unknown passers, but his work here focuses on the celebration of the landscape created by the geometry of lines and light. The exhibition "Beyond the reflections" can be visited at the Hilton Hotel every day from 9aM to 11PM on the ground floor of the hotel (Hall and Lounge Campiello). Some high quality prints of his are also on display at the Giudecca 795 (100 meters from the Hotel): in the summertime the gallery is open from 5pm to 9pm every day except Monday and a break from 10 to 25 August: for appointments please call +39 3408798327. The exhibition is recommended by ExpoVeneto.

At the Giudecca 795 Art Gallery

  • Gjon Jakaj, "Italia Cotta" - The exhibiting programme at the gallery and for ART@Hilton on the occasion of the Biennale and the International Expo 2015 has started with the solo show of the 22 years old Gjon Jakaj, from Kosovo, who fled the war with his family ad, as a result of this experience, focused on the joy of living, leading the viewer to the discovery of small, priceless moments. Much of his photographic work on display is inspired by bread, imbued with strong symbolic meaning. Giudecca 795 chose to present these works in Venezia inside the historic former mills where they enhance the connection between past and present. The works are now on show at the gallery, together with Jakaj's reportage of the opening of the Expo 2015. And the NOExpo demostration.
  • Jan Mizo, "Inside Up". Photography and Digital Art
    Jan Mizo, an artist who encompasses analogic photography and digital art. These striking works show cities from an unusual point of view, made up by movement and dynamism of viewing, which becomes a real action. Architecture is explored and sometimes redesigned creating and highlighting paths, that catch the eye's and mind's attention. The interaction between the artwork and the viewer is literally played at the speed of light: time seems to stop as our curiosity is attracted by the incredible number of details and Mizo's use of an hypnotic perspective. The retina, unable to store the images of so many single details and fragments, will therefore save them in a temporary memory - worth to be to revisited and renewed before it fades away. Mizo helps us open our personal way to Venice's hidden treasures.
More at: Giudecca 795 art gallery, Fondamenta S.Biagio 795, 30133 Venezia. Waterbus stop - Actv lines n 4.1, 4.2 or 2: "Palanca", infotel (+39) 3408798327,
website: art gallery -

The new "Terrazza Moet et Chardon at the Hilton Skyline Rooftop, by the swimming pool. Cool!

In spite of its quiet atmosphere, Giudecca in the evening may show more life than St.Marks'.
In the summertime, a local habit is fishing (!) along the banks
Very essential, but life saving if you are starving: the "late bar" at the Zitelle, managed by a Chinese family.
At the Molino Stucky Hotel, the 8th floor "Skyline Bar" often hosts theme parties.