Giudecca, truly Venetian

Giudecca, Venezia. The most neglected and isolated area of Venice is getting... fashionable. 5 star accommodation (the Hilton Molino Stucky, the Villa, the Bauer Palladio, the Cipriani) drawi attention to the biggest - though off the beaten track - island of Venice. La Giudecca is officially included in the historical center of Venice but does not belong to the sestiere called Dorsoduro as some guidebook say. Its northern part faces the Zattere, the southern part contemplates the silent lagoon. Ghosts of abandoned factories have left room for new hotels, apts, studios. This website will be your guide in the exploration of this charming, truly Venetian area, which has been attracting artists, celebrities and lovers of a truly Venetian atmosphere.

giudecca canal

Giudecca's name has uncertain origins. The easiest explanation refers to the settlement of a Jewish community: two synagogues existed, and a stone with a Jewish inscription in the area near the Zitelle was found, But this explanation does not convince scholars: more reasonably, the name may come from "zudegà" (judged) that refers to a sentence issued in the 9th century by which land was allotted to rebellious families banned from Venice and then recalled from exile.

The southern part of the island was a sequence of gardens, where the Venetian nobles enjoyed their time in summer and autumn, and a breathtaking panorama of the lagoon. A lot of monasteries found their ideal location here.

Nowadays it is one of the most inhabited areas of Venice. When the big plants closed in mid of 20th century, most resident workers seeked job in the chemical industries in the near Marghera. You can feel this is an island where people live and work, not a museum in the open air. For this reason it is the favourite destination of Venetian young couples, foreigners, lovers of Venice, and artists. But you are asked to respect this island, its environment, its people and their activities. Starting from the garbage: follow the Municipality rules. Thank you